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About:  Fariha. 22. NJ.
This is where I sort of just spill out my obsessions (currently: Doctor Who and Karneval--Subject to change without notice).
Whouffle and HarryxLuna are my OTPs. Ginnifer Goodwin's Snow White is perfect. Asami Sato is everything you could ever ask for in a heroine. I.M. Pei defined creativity. I am one of the 3 Pakistanis on this planet who despised Humsafar. I wish Belle from OUAT didn't exist.
If you got that much down, nothing else on my blog should surprise you. Thanks for coming!


i feel like the Arrow writers plot planning involves

"we need something to induce drama

"let’s fuck around with Laurel’s character again"

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“You can’t just start the clock on 9/11 and forget 50 years of unjust oppressive Western foreign policies in the Middle East.”

Medhi Hasan

Thank God someone finally said this. I’m so sick of stating that Western intervention and invasion of other countries fuels terrorism only for people to respond 'They did 9/11 first!' 

In 1953 the UK & the US staged a coup of the democratically elected leader of Iran and installed a dictator who was more to their liking. Today the US continues to support brutal dictators (such as in Saudi Arabia) where it suits them to do so. Palestine has been occupied for decades. The list of Western imperial foreign policies over the past decades could go on and on.

9/11 was not only only a result religious extremism and it certainly was not because 'they hate our freedoms.' Terrorism is often primarily politically motivated and anyone who is serious about preventing it had better take some fucking notice of this fact.

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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Fitz is sitting next to his wife, whom he knows was raped by his own disgusting father, the same wife who also just lost their fucking child and what does he ask for?


100000% done.  I get Fitz may have been in pain, but he is just as selfish as ever.  

And what does Mellie do?

She calls Olivia, not to help them cover up something, not to win the election, but because it’s what Fitz needs.  Mellie haters, take a seat.  For all the shit Fitz has put Mellie through and the pain Mellie went through in this episode alone, she still cared somewhat enough about Fitz to call his mistress for him to give him the strength he needed because that bitch ass can’t even get up off the floor if Olivia isn’t there to hold his hand.

Mellie should just divorce him now and Olivia, please end up with ANYONE but him.  Please.

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Jenna Coleman on set April 15th 2014 x

Yet to be IDed

Tan Lace Up Boots with Peep Toe, Earrings, At least two rings on her right hand, Headpiece, and what we assume is a custom costume. 

And so the theme of Jenna wearing red or blue continues…

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Doctor Who Season 07 Episode 12 + Clara Oswald + pink and blue

Nightmare In Silver was honestly the best episode Whouffle fans could ask for.  We got BAMF, gorgeous Clara, Mr. Clever, and Matt’s acting which, IMO, has never been better than it was in this episode.  oh and tons of whouffle.  like wow.  best episode of series 7 for me.

Laurel: Finds out a huge secret some of the closest people to her have been keeping from her.  Doesn’t rage.  Doesn’t get mad.  Verifies the truth.  Doesn’t call anyone out for lying to her because she understands their reasons.

Oliver: Finds out Thea’s paternity.  Makes it about himself.  Keeps the truth from the one person who should know while holding a grudge against his mother without even trying to listen to why she did what she did.

Tell me how Laurel is the worst character on this show?  I s2g Oliver only gets a pass because he’s the main character, when seriously, he’s the worst of them all.

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